Topical Spray is a hair loss solution in spray form that helps to slow and reverse male pattern baldness. It can be applied directly to areas of thinning hair to help replenish and stimulate the growth of thicker, fuller hair throughout the scalp. Long lasting effects.


DS Spectral DNC-N Tratamiento Anticaída 60ml

$41.63 IVA inc.
Tratamiento indicado especialmente para la alopecia androgenética con péptidos de cobre y retinol entre otros principios activos, que potenciarán el crecimiento del cabello.

Pilexil Forte Anti-Hair Loss Spray 120ml

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$30.71 IVA inc.
Pilexil Forte Hair Loss Spray slows hair loss and stimulates hair growth thanks to adenosine and serenoa serrulata. Proven efficacy!
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