The creams that are responsible for taking care of atopic dermatitis help to hydrate the dermis and soften and calm irritation as well as relieve itching, burning and redness.

It is important to use optimal products that help improve and maintain the natural barrier of the skin, promoting moisture retention and in turn favoring the healing process together with its soothing and softening effects.



$9.37 IVA inc.
La Crema Sebclair 30ml actúa de forma formidable contra la dermatitis saborreica de la piel. Además hidrata la dermis y suaviza y calama a irritación gracias a su composición con manteca de Karité. 

A-Derma Exomega Leche Emoliente 400ml

$24.86 IVA inc.
¡Hidratación Instantanea! Con A-Derma Exomega Leche Emoliente podrás conseguir una hidratación al instante con la que podrás calmar y suavizar cualquier piel.
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