A hair growth stimulating lotion is a specific treatment against hair loss (hereditary), directly on the scalp (topically). A lotion ensures that the hair stays longer in its growth phase. This means that the hair grows longer and falls out less quickly. As a result, more hair grows at the same time.


Weleda Loción Capilar de Romero 100ml

$8.40 IVA inc.
Loción capilar anticaída y anticaspa. Regula la grasa capilar y previene la aparición de la caspa, así como estimula el cuero cabelludo.

Sesderma Seskavel Growth Loción Capilar Anticaída 200 ml.

$17.67 IVA inc.
Seskavel growth es una loción anti-caída formulada a base de biotina, cafeína y factores del crecimiento. Gracias a sus propiedades este tratamiento estimula el crecimiento capilar y fortalece el cabello. Indicado para cabellos frágiles.

Pilopeptan Hair Loss Lotion 100ml

$15.60 IVA inc.
Pilopeptan Hair Loss Lotion promotes hair growth, increases blood flow and revitalises the hair follicle. It strengthens the hair from the root, slowing down hair loss. No rinsing is needed. Use the code: PILOPEPTAN20 , for a 20% discount on this product.
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